Language en
Is Entry of Lexicon
Is Marker of married (in)
performer (in)
first station (in)
chaco (in)
passerine bird (in)
house (in)
win prize (in)
achieve independence (in)
airport (in)
split up (in)
railroad (in)
model (in)
host championship (in)
recruited (in)
seat (in)
collapse (in)
seize power (in)
assassinated (in)
dom (in)
first school (in)
brauerei (in)
affiliate station (in)
release version (in)
invited (in)
gebäudekomplex (in)
einmarschieren (in)
open store (in)
petersburg (in)
markt (in)
abc station (in)
succeeded (in)
memorial (in)
brought (in)
folgen (in)
internet provider (in)
luxury cooperative (in)
office building (in)
bought (in)
class (in)
re-elected (in)
force station (in)
luxushotel (in)
stammen (in)
base (in)
administrative capital (in)
open (in)
ontario (in)
bird species (in)
service provider (in)
heute (in)
erhängen (in)
classic race (in)
list building (in)
stadtbahnstation (in)
race (in)
stadion (in)
hosted (in)
submitted (in)
mathematician (in)
stadtteil (in)
drafted (in)
island (in)
farmer (in)
czerny (in)
famous race (in)
royal station (in)
launch (in)
have population (in)
central (in)
group living (in)
zion (in)
autobahn (in)
abc affiliate (in)
reform (in)
rated (in)
take throne (in)
subsidiary summit (in)
coach (in)
undergraduate college (in)
receive education (in)
proclaimed independence (in)
album (in)
fließen (in)
deposed (in)
have economy (in)
housing cooperative (in)
release album (in)
developer (in)
beetle species (in)
term-limited (in)
turn (in)
studieren (in)
approved (in)
handball league (in)
underway (in)
play match (in)
liberal college (in)
metal (in)
sporthalle (in)
gangwon-do (in)
recognized (in)
join team (in)
ended (in)
raion (in)
erkranken (in)
open (in)
hired (in)
produce (in)
film (in)
privatschule (in)
platted (in)
rebuilt (in)
fahren (in)
start game (in)
erheben (in)
resort town (in)
zusammentreffen (in)
engagieren (in)
peak (in)
football ground (in)
sport station (in)
münden (in)
plant family (in)
converted (in)
indoor arena (in)
top league (in)
independent school (in)
austral (in)
bezeichnen (in)
fox affiliate (in)
pass (in)
remastered (in)
eishockeyspielklasse (in)
official (in)
replaced (in)
bürgerkrieg (in)
celebrated anniversary (in)
tour (in)
inducted (in)
friedhof (in)
baseball park (in)
gruppe (in)
hotel building (in)
low range (in)
überwiegend (in)
fought (in)
production (in)
community (in)
football stadium (in)
website (in)
initiated (in)
falling (in)
level (in)
insel (in)
remembered (in)
provincial school (in)
founded (in)
offer course (in)
halted (in)
criticized (in)
result (in)
aired (in)
talk station (in)
ceded (in)
château (in)
bay (in)
certified (in)
common (in)
jesuit school (in)
nbc affiliate (in)
private university (in)
wildungen (in)
actress (in)
release (in)
increased (in)
industriestadt (in)
bergspitz (in)
höchste (in)
gletscher (in)
gifted (in)
mioveni (in)
long river (in)
mansion (in)
classified (in)
join group (in)
fortification (in)
report (in)
municipality (in)
facility (in)
receive visitor (in)
institute (in)
remake (in)
government district (in)
manor (in)
eaten (in)
second mountain (in)
performed (in)
uninhabited island (in)
search (in)
partner (in)
recipient (in)
arolsen (in)
verkehrstunnel (in)
style house (in)
merged (in)
cartoonist (in)
singer-songwriter (in)
underground station (in)
luxury hotel (in)
gehören (in)
pb station (in)
kanton (in)
colonial house (in)
returned (in)
professional league (in)
record cover (in)
promoted (in)
beat sewanee (in)
stehen (in)
mehrzweckarena (in)
tourist destination (in)
degree college (in)
einsetzen (in)
series broadcast (in)
designed (in)
lake (in)
künstliche (in)
bauwerk (in)
merchant (in)
station broadcasting (in)
horse race (in)
completed (in)
split (in)
chain (in)
fishing port (in)
mission (in)
petri (in)
union competition (in)
firm (in)
win test (in)
remixed (in)
disband (in)
end (in)
baptised (in)
entered (in)
win championship (in)
all star (in)
bred (in)
unit (in)
parlament (in)
oblast (in)
instituted (in)
baseballstadion (in)
absolvieren (in)
walk (in)
detroit station (in)
renewed (in)
re-released album (in)
receive nomination (in)
shield volcano (in)
treffen (in)
popular (in)
star (in)
travel (in)
evolve (in)
television channel (in)
civil (in)
restaurant (in)
kolubara (in)
existieren (in)
fußballstadion (in)
hospital (in)
dispersed settlement (in)
finish (in)
inaugurated (in)
city (in)
monument (in)
gelten (in)
burgruine (in)
uganda bank (in)
built (in)
make (in)
zisterziensermönchsabtei (in)
incorporated (in)
rule (in)
level league (in)
ansässig (in)
bremen (in)
left office (in)
compete season (in)
employer (in)
einfinden (in)
proclaimed (in)
institut (in)
alberta (in)
embark (in)
song (in)
main league (in)
route (in)
spend (in)
kingdom (in)
gained (in)
township (in)
recognised (in)
label (in)
enter service (in)
succeed father (in)
skyscraper (in)
sell (in)
states (in)
art museum (in)
multi-use stadium (in)
competition (in)
take power (in)
metropolis (in)
yorkshire (in)
rock station (in)
son (in)
sell copy (in)
affiliate (in)
project (in)
syndicated (in)
canonized (in)
rayon (in)
switch (in)
divided (in)
tageszeitung (in)
second city (in)
start telenovelum (in)
return (in)
importer (in)
radio (in)
sign agreement (in)
compete (in)
point (in)
conservative politician (in)
issued (in)
neighborhood (in)
dedicated (in)
play show (in)
gebirgszug (in)
die (in)
hafenstadt (in)
center (in)
niederlassen (in)
released (in)
tätig (in)
gebäude (in)
famous (in)
studied (in)
district headquarters (in)
surgeon (in)
shrub (in)
bundesland (in)
bishop (in)
operate (in)
manor house (in)
plateau (in)
catholic school (in)
spend childhood (in)
assembled (in)
adapted (in)
spun (in)
exhibited (in)
reap (in)
join (in)
captured (in)
vehicle (in)
transport mission (in)
die april (in)
damaged (in)
celebrated (in)
bürogebäude (in)
sportstadion (in)
paz (in)
state (in)
operculate mollusk (in)
rock-band (in)
climbed (in)
group race (in)
september (in)
retired (in)
settle (in)
drain (in)
change name (in)
landstadt (in)
private college (in)
vote (in)
u-bahn-station (in)
railway line (in)
kindergarten (in)
indoor hall (in)
serve passenger (in)
located (in)
gründen (in)
manicaland (in)
inn (in)
capital (in)
erected (in)
receive degree (in)
relocate (in)
einzigartig (in)
multi-purpose stadium (in)
broadcast (in)
westflandern (in)
invented (in)
hill station (in)
ethnic group (in)
renovated (in)
president (in)
operational (in)
hanged (in)
launched (in)
airstrip (in)
person (in)
supergroup (in)
football competition (in)
nebenfluss (in)
break up (in)
public university (in)
organized (in)
wasserkraftwerk (in)
bauwerft (in)
voluntari (in)
ortsgemeinde (in)
merchant figure (in)
flughafen (in)
ii airfield (in)
sitz (in)
quit (in)
receive accreditation (in)
release demo (in)
magazine (in)
art college (in)
passed (in)
adopt constitution (in)
received (in)
take control (in)
powiat (in)
straubel (in)
language (in)
structure (in)
begin season (in)
people station (in)
developed (in)
movie (in)
disbanded (in)
ousted (in)
reconstructed (in)
home (in)
begin operation (in)
public station (in)
report rate (in)
borders (in)
farm (in)
cover (in)
solitude (in)
fifth city (in)
expanded (in)
institution (in)
port city (in)
engineering college (in)
selected (in)
host game (in)
motorway tunnel (in)
employ people (in)
expected (in)
receive assistance (in)
player (in)
port village (in)
pianist (in)
drama (in)
cover song (in)
archbishop (in)
population (in)
fly (in)
building (in)
kreuzen (in)
grammar school (in)
event (in)
party politician (in)
partei (in)
suv (in)
lernen (in)
relegated (in)
gehen (in)
lived (in)
eel (in)
turned (in)
record song (in)
lighthouse (in)
honored (in)
werft (in)
straß (in)
produce ton (in)
gebirgsmassiv (in)
reported (in)
position (in)
dismantled (in)
rock (in)
location (in)
superfamily (in)
team playing (in)
build complex (in)
public school (in)
send he (in)
complex (in)
ship (in)
cyclist (in)
based (in)
commence (in)
counted (in)
exist (in)
küstenwachtturm (in)
ratified (in)
märz (in)
channel (in)
norwood (in)
series (in)
sentenced (in)
produced (in)
labour leader (in)
schutzgebiet (in)
ski resort (in)
buried (in)
einwohnergemeinde (in)
die year (in)
listed (in)
filarmonica (in)
make appearance (in)
art school (in)
created (in)
considered (in)
fictional family (in)
eishockeyliga (in)
versterben (in)
tribe (in)
fall (in)
highway (in)
sire (in)
hills (in)
approached (in)
range (in)
baptist church (in)
receive charter (in)
assume responsibility (in)
elected (in)
eintreffen (in)
dansband (in)
reach number (in)
restored (in)
meteorite (in)
novelist (in)
amount (in)
merge (in)
transport hub (in)
admitted (in)
neighbourhood (in)
aquatic mollusk (in)
automobilhersteller (in)
serve (in)
verde (in)
besuchen (in)
college school (in)
mountain range (in)
moth (in)
order (in)
volk (in)
barn (in)
erupt (in)
second-largest city (in)
world airfield (in)
club (in)
abrufbar (in)
embankment dam (in)
summit (in)
approve (in)
bug family (in)
local area (in)
have visitor (in)
beginnen (in)
programmed (in)
insect (in)
resign (in)
small village (in)
borough (in)
guitarist (in)
rank she (in)
aktiv (in)
win medal (in)
car (in)
lie (in)
occupied (in)
lebus (in)
judge (in)
variety (in)
broadcast (in)
subject (in)
television broadcast (in)
befinden (in)
association club (in)
announce (in)
reunite (in)
gebiet (in)
arrive (in)
expire (in)
nationalpark (in)
straßenbrücke (in)
ascend (in)
plant genus (in)
raabe (in)
community college (in)
washington station (in)
commuter station (in)
opened (in)
liegen (in)
gegend (in)
library (in)
stattfinden (in)
stadium (in)
cochabamba (in)
take office (in)
winner (in)
show (in)
manufacturer (in)
slam (in)
found (in)
shut (in)
stadt (in)
host (in)
begin career (in)
football playing (in)
kun (in)
mediatised (in)
extended (in)
fundstätte (in)
ertrinken (in)
featured (in)
mayoral election (in)
life (in)
ferry (in)
team (in)
metal band (in)
type (in)
mountain (in)
destination (in)
railway point (in)
burn down (in)
plant species (in)
establish (in)
network company (in)
have office (in)
purchase rights (in)
leader (in)
open door (in)
absteigen (in)
rush (in)
launch program (in)
banned (in)
haben (in)
kunstmuseum (in)
coast (in)
country house (in)
bleiben (in)
chapter (in)
talsperre (in)
province (in)
mall (in)
einkaufszentrum (in)
liberal-arts-college (in)
liverpool (in)
dissolve (in)
presented (in)
villa (in)
church building (in)
naturschutzgebiet (in)
baseball stadium (in)
end run (in)
held (in)
call (in)
worker community (in)
served (in)
store chain (in)
country station (in)
designated (in)
departamento (in)
driver (in)
remain (in)
release book (in)
fluss (in)
schichtvulkan (in)
small settlement (in)
first match (in)
populous city (in)
ausserrhoden (in)
partitioned (in)
mining town (in)
tarija (in)
fusionsgemeinde (in)
centre (in)
fired (in)
palearctic species (in)
sprache (in)
record (in)
schloss (in)
laid (in)
write (in)
daughter (in)
provide service (in)
protein (in)
signed (in)
attend school (in)
league (in)
reissued (in)
left label (in)
pond (in)
stratovolcano (in)
cemetery (in)
discontinued (in)
start company (in)
feature (in)
defeated (in)
cb affiliate (in)
begin series (in)
author (in)
have density (in)
hub (in)
picked (in)
kommune (in)
emerge (in)
islet (in)
mountain chain (in)
alga family (in)
cabinet minister (in)
win contest (in)
awarded (in)
unveiled (in)
director (in)
start (in)
member station (in)
nematode family (in)
extinct (in)
participate (in)
kleinstadt (in)
lagoon (in)
bug subfamily (in)
brewery (in)
woman (in)
fm station (in)
ascend throne (in)
tournament (in)
granted (in)
spa town (in)
place second (in)
resumed (in)
zeiss (in)
entitled (in)
arena (in)
continue (in)
road (in)
administrative district (in)
revived (in)
premier (in)
zentrum (in)
take place (in)
startup (in)
connected (in)
aviv (in)
verkaufen (in)
hockey team (in)
premiere (in)
win cup (in)
handle passenger (in)
trio (in)
steamship (in)
leaked (in)
cease (in)
rail station (in)
premier league (in)
retailer (in)
republic (in)
priest (in)
dorf (in)
roadway (in)
aussichtsberg (in)
voted (in)
colony (in)
nehmen (in)
automated (in)
term (in)
form band (in)
tunnel (in)
historic building (in)
died (in)
child (in)
begun (in)
london borough (in)
organization (in)
nbc station (in)
organisation (in)
system (in)
co-educational school (in)
train station (in)
secondary school (in)
started (in)
motorsport-rennstrecke (in)
join league (in)
added (in)
intersect (in)
settlement (in)
assume office (in)
serve increase (in)
fourteener (in)
preserve (in)
conducted (in)
governor (in)
have share (in)
corporation (in)
have inhabitant (in)
win title (in)
record version (in)
form (in)
bauen (in)
railway (in)
terminated (in)
rom (in)
musician (in)
roche (in)
raised (in)
industriestandort (in)
break out (in)
left band (in)
water pond (in)
one-day race (in)
move (in)
imprint (in)
part (in)
palm subtribe (in)
musiklabel (in)
gaa stadium (in)
take part (in)
dam (in)
arrested (in)
village (in)
game (in)
multi-purpose hall (in)
educated (in)
sculptor (in)
bekannt (in)
convene (in)
translated (in)
honoured (in)
hall (in)
minderstadt (in)
show (in)
football team (in)
gebären (in)
open (in)
mehrzweckhalle (in)
first university (in)
shopping center (in)
moscow station (in)
ehrenbreitstein (in)
weihbischof (in)
fail (in)
sitcom (in)
play game (in)
lifestyle center (in)
academy school (in)
established (in)
comarca (in)
renamed (in)
road bridge (in)
undergo renovation (in)
siegen (in)
charged (in)
privatuniversität (in)
published (in)
high school (in)
fliehen (in)
cycle race (in)
entspringen (in)
abolished (in)
set (in)
erkennbar (in)
abdicate (in)
cover it (in)
touren (in)
starter (in)
theater (in)
parish (in)
die californium (in)
hill (in)
score goal (in)
track (in)
sign deal (in)
candidate (in)
host olympics (in)
visit (in)
marktführer (in)
ridge (in)
rail line (in)
research university (in)
painter (in)
attain independence (in)
dienen (in)
figure (in)
ordered (in)
die august (in)
studio (in)
innerrhoden (in)
report size (in)
arrived (in)
american-football-stadion (in)
head (in)
delivered (in)
landmark (in)
patented (in)
seehafenstadt (in)
street (in)
river (in)
adult station (in)
frazione (in)
fish species (in)
telecommunications company (in)
earn (in)
suborder (in)
power station (in)
reopened (in)
minority (in)
group (in)
městys (in)
canceled (in)
telenovelum (in)
made (in)
join navy (in)
girl school (in)
bellevue (in)
khalifa (in)
tool (in)
borough constituency (in)
commune (in)
open office (in)
mining village (in)
minister (in)
mosque (in)
freshwater loch (in)
begin construction (in)
resurrected (in)
ski area (in)
metre event (in)
association stadium (in)
midlands (in)
subtribe (in)
release song (in)
department store (in)
edmund (in)
delicacy (in)
gipfel (in)
clinic (in)
undertaken (in)
comprehensive school (in)
arbeiten (in)
zisterzienserabtei (in)
amended (in)
member (in)
lead (in)
liberal school (in)
centenario (in)
drama broadcast (in)
radio broadcasting (in)
poincaré (in)
trading center (in)
all-seater stadium (in)
site (in)
county (in)
settled (in)
played (in)
dynastie (in)
tower (in)
velodrome (in)
mattersburg (in)
work (in)
department (in)
carrier (in)
blankenburg (in)
office skyscraper (in)
reservoir (in)
defender (in)
abbemuseum (in)
wintersportort (in)
brand (in)
achieve progress (in)
football club (in)
conglomerate (in)
launch career (in)
selten (in)
television station (in)
succumb (in)
shortlisted (in)
handle increase (in)
speed mission (in)
audition (in)
busch (in)
parish church (in)
murdered (in)
urban station (in)
universität (in)
small town (in)
entwickeln (in)
rate percent (in)
november (in)
überall (in)
wohnhaft (in)
killed (in)
give birth (in)
burgstelle (in)
nation (in)
die age (in)
win (in)
national station (in)
installed (in)
scheduled (in)
hochschule (in)
play role (in)
named (in)
cease publication (in)
neuenahr-ahrweiler (in)
roller coaster (in)
landkreis (in)
ruler (in)
appointed (in)
academy (in)
government area (in)
haben (in)
run (in)
college (in)
bezirk (in)
playwright (in)
manager (in)
agency (in)
am station (in)
rank screenplay (in)
succeed (in)
independent (in)
sport venue (in)
auftreten (in)
war airfield (in)
commissioned (in)
university (in)
port (in)
success (in)
parlamentsgebäude (in)
atoll (in)
debut (in)
record label (in)
fernsehsender (in)
kildare (in)
vorkommen (in)
make debut (in)
have headquarters (in)
unique (in)
businessman (in)
quartet (in)
provider (in)
demolished (in)
poet (in)
die february (in)
framework (in)
announce plan (in)
nominated (in)
capital city (in)
community station (in)
married wife (in)
starten (in)
physician (in)
start out (in)
release (in)
church (in)
sussex (in)
interred (in)
spoken (in)
coach (in)
newspaper (in)
zulassungsstelle (in)
architect (in)
decline (in)
tackle (in)
documented (in)
erhältlich (in)
inselgruppe (in)
re-issued (in)
surrender (in)
historian (in)
purchased (in)
bürohochhaus (in)
introduced (in)
written (in)
hochhaus (in)
dissolved (in)
network station (in)
conceived (in)
multifunktionsarena (in)
landgemeinde (in)
business school (in)
york (in)
yacht club (in)
westpommern (in)
accused (in)
hamlet (in)
spielen (in)
district (in)
place (in)
graduate (in)
gastropod mollusk (in)
first library (in)
alp (in)
thoroughfare (in)
cup (in)
fundort (in)
missionary (in)
small bird (in)
provided (in)
subsidiary (in)
sul (in)
have passenger (in)
spielklasse (in)
bivalve mollusc (in)
perform (in)
shopping centre (in)
property (in)
discovered (in)
commercial bank (in)
win independence (in)
reach final (in)
madryn (in)
headquartered (in)
finalist (in)
join band (in)
shearwater (in)
win seat (in)
juli (in)
season (in)
high mission (in)
metro station (in)
palace (in)
schreiben (in)
ort (in)
cyclecar (in)
founder (in)
party leader (in)
records (in)
party (in)
supermarket chain (in)
politician (in)
zufluss (in)
country (in)
acquired (in)
see (in)
publish book (in)
gun (in)
first club (in)
tributary (in)
born (in)
kommen (in)
park (in)
start career (in)
area (in)
creek (in)
dialect (in)
dominion (in)
broken (in)
publish article (in)
form cabinet (in)
service (in)
re-released (in)
tree (in)
football league (in)
music station (in)
begin production (in)
radio station (in)
successor (in)
volksgruppe (in)
laufen (in)
power center (in)
broadcaster (in)
top ultratop (in)
aktiengesellschaft (in)
saale (in)
tree subtribe (in)
nigra (in)
follow (in)
antrim (in)
school building (in)
comune (in)
enter (in)
kernkraftwerk (in)
gemeinde (in)
declared (in)
executed (in)
bezeichnung (in)
junior college (in)
seenplatte (in)
division (in)
castle (in)
großstadt (in)
called (in)
bergrücken (in)
ostwestfalen-lippe (in)
größte (in)
registered (in)
uhrenmanufaktur (in)
arch bridge (in)
distrikt (in)
stadium off-campus (in)
chartered (in)
reside (in)
start (in)
flowering plant (in)
bahnhof (in)
podlachien (in)
constructed (in)
crowned (in)
found company (in)
make it (in)
volcano (in)
class station (in)
appeared (in)
play (in)
re-opened (in)
stausee (in)
role (in)
socialiste (in)
emperor (in)
town (in)
declare (in)
die december (in)
put (in)
state highway (in)
ortsteil (in)
viertausender (in)
claim (in)
soldat (in)
avenue (in)
sportarena (in)
private school (in)
win game (in)
unternehmen (in)
provinz (in)
achieve status (in)
fishing village (in)
atheneum (in)
transferred (in)
recorded (in)
land (in)
join party (in)
landschaft (in)
beteiligen (in)
school (in)
battle (in)
plant (in)
surface (in)
zusammenlaufen (in)
peninsula (in)
bsc (in)
dish (in)
residence (in)
rereleased (in)
fleck (in)
champion (in)
oldenburg (in)
happen (in)
gründen (in)
suburb (in)
club playing (in)
obtain independence (in)
marktgemeinde (in)
play season (in)
eishockeystadion (in)
kiel (in)
composer (in)
proposed (in)
third city (in)
found (in)
school district (in)
character (in)
areas (in)
sign (in)
reveal (in)
launch website (in)
capacity off-campus (in)
originate (in)
band (in)
gerade (in)
situated (in)
asteroid (in)
freiburg (in)
loch (in)
wirken (in)
incepted (in)
a station (in)
politiker (in)
receive allocation (in)
union (in)
species (in)
include it (in)
region (in)
verbreitet (in)
mountains (in)
spitfires (in)
heiraten (in)
teilnehmen (in)
leben (in)
vulkan (in)
trade union (in)
concert venue (in)
regain independence (in)
badeort (in)
subfamily (in)
retire (in)
perform song (in)
footballer (in)
appoint (in)
moved (in)
mover station (in)
grow up (in)
actor (in)
hockey league (in)
pass resolution (in)
elbe-elster (in)
diatom family (in)
mountain pass (in)
co-founded (in)
race (in)
seat arena (in)
major city (in)
aufhalten (in)
hit (in)
shot (in)
sterben (in)
entstehen (in)
covered (in)
state school (in)
franchise (in)
publish (in)
stark (in)
announced (in)
changed (in)
theatre (in)
journalist (in)
death (in)
square (in)
celebrated year (in)
ice league (in)
aufsteigen (in)
music venue (in)
employed (in)
change (in)
microbrewery (in)
railway station (in)
invaded (in)
sport facility (in)
ice team (in)
railroad station (in)
buddhist monastery (in)
left (in)
wiesenbad (in)
eisenbahngesellschaft (in)
company (in)
resort hotel (in)
coastal town (in)
sport stadium (in)
genus (in)
field (in)
line (in)
staged (in)
father (in)
closed (in)
metro line (in)
april (in)
man (in)
duo (in)
account (in)
ried (in)
resident (in)
shopping mall (in)
gloucestershire (in)
house museum (in)
leiden (in)
close (in)
wachsenburg (in)
get independence (in)
ambrosiana (in)
revert (in)
liner (in)
automobile (in)
offered (in)
oil company (in)
scrapped (in)
day school (in)
minderheit (in)
occur (in)
attend (in)
weishaupt (in)
praktizieren (in)
fold (in)
süßwassersee (in)
museum (in)
have score (in)
live (in)
air base (in)
news station (in)
airline (in)
upland (in)
juan (in)
stream (in)
headquarters (in)
polizist (in)
advance (in)
estimated (in)
lassen (in)
odenwald (in)
news channel (in)
ortsname (in)
gain independence (in)
writer (in)
collection (in)
arbeitgeber (in)
cb station (in)
shown (in)
zunächst (in)
zisterzienserkloster (in)
trust (in)
mehrzweckstadion (in)
prime minister (in)
fox station (in)
sell album (in)
act (in)
family (in)
overthrown (in)
political party (in)
denkmal (in)
formed (in)
produce tonne (in)
weilen (in)
singer (in)
start operation (in)
die childless (in)
involved (in)
einheitsgemeinde (in)
high (in)
record (in)
hold exhibition (in)
streetcar route (in)
take over (in)
record album (in)
vary (in)
ankommen (in)
steinburg (in)
berg (in)
air station (in)
fallen (in)
village panchayat (in)
nature reserve (in)
software (in)
sign contract (in)
jazzclub (in)
owned-and-operated station (in)
king (in)
state (in)
airfield (in)
sold (in)
market (in)
finished (in)
cancelled (in)
appoint she (in)
andrews (in)
ortschaft (in)
operator (in)
elevated (in)
appoint he (in)
television network (in)
city park (in)
peak (in)
nördlich (in)
wachsen (in)
star hotel (in)
decide (in)
refer (in)
venue (in)
journal (in)
gimignano (in)
sink (in)
steben (in)
die november (in)
publisher (in)
häufiger (in)
kehren (in)
have rate (in)
network (in)
join cast (in)
development company (in)
liga (in)
unplugged (in)
cease operation (in)
bridge (in)
activist (in)
refurbished (in)
gymnast (in)
committed suicide (in)
republik (in)
have tractor (in)
zählen (in)
erscheinen (in)
join bundeswehr (in)
downscaled (in)
resort (in)
gmbh (in)
station (in)
mountain peak (in)
small family (in)
diagnosed (in)
artist (in)
basketball league (in)
air (in)
lacewing superfamily (in)
chosen (in)
außerdem (in)
ensemble (in)
finden (in)
bank (in)
act (in)
quintet (in)
ranked (in)
london station (in)
stay (in)
active volcano (in)
aufwachsen (in)
government building (in)
relocated (in)
drop (in)
wolkenkratzer (in)
radrennen (in)
pommern (in)
queen (in)
border town (in)
cast bell (in)
designer (in)
aufeinandertreffen (in)
build line (in)
secede (in)
win award (in)
reserve (in)
protist family (in)
carried (in)
ward (in)
left group (in)
live (in)
bergsee (in)
mayor (in)
augsburg (in)
implemented (in)
market town (in)
surname (in)
won (in)
pats (in)
hotel (in)
département (in)
producer (in)
identified (in)
locality (in)
receive award (in)
weinanbaugebiet (in)
wnba star (in)
begin (in)
declare independence (in)
separated (in)
ruhr (in)
included (in)
meet (in)
business (in)
constituency (in)
absorbed (in)
promovieren (in)
baptized (in)
have member (in)
apply (in)
baseball venue (in)
league stadium (in)
küstenort (in)
multifunktionshalle (in)
come out (in)
removed (in)
hit (in)
release ep (in)
hörfunksender (in)
lawyer (in)
introduce (in)
ausbrechen (in)
filmed (in)
host cup (in)
cast (in)
chubut (in)
choir (in)
rank (in)
berggipfel (in)

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